The Pembroke Firewood Bundle


The Pembroke Firewood Bundle includes the following:

  •  1 x Large 1.4m Crate of Kiln Dried Logs
  • 4 x  Large Bags of Kiln Dried Kindling
  • 4 x Boxes of  Eco Firelighters.

Normal retail price: €652! Sort out your firewood needs this winter with this all in one firewood bundle and save €52 while you’re at it!

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About The Pembroke Firewood Bundle

1 x Large 1.4m Crate of Kiln Dried Logs
4 x bags of Kindling
4 x  Boxes of Eco Fire-lighters

The Large 1.4m3 crate of Kiln Dried logs is a great option to ensure you have plenty of logs this winter. The large crate contains high quality Kiln dried  Logs. Because they are kiln dried they light quickly and provide a great heat. We recommend that logs are stacked into a log store, garage, shed or under suitable covering. All our Logs have a moisture content of less than 20%. If you feel the crate is too large for your requirements then we recommend the Barrow Bags or our Handy bags.

Inside Our Crate of Kiln Dried Logs

These crates contain high quality Kiln dried  logs which are clean and because they are dried they will light quickly and provide a great heat. Available in regular 25cm lengths or, for the same price, longer 37cm lengths which are suitable for large stoves (Ash only when available).

Crate Size is 1.4m *0.87 * 1.15m   :  approx 600kg

Kiln Dried Kindling

Best Logs Kindling is dried to 12% (even drier than our logs) ensuring they light quickly and get your Kiln Dried logs burning fast.

Using our kiln dried kindling is far and away the quickest way to get your wood fire started. Usually 4 or 5  Kindling sticks is all you’ll need to start your fire.

Remember to always start your fire with the smaller logs and add larger logs once fire is established.

Wood Wool Natural Eco Firelighters

Best Logs Eco Firelighters are made from 100% natural materials and provide the ideal eco-friendly alternative to solid fuel firelighters. Created out of wood wool which is a natural by-product of log production and bonded with high quality beeswax, one firelighter is enough to get a beautiful flaming log fire started. Because they contain only natural materials they are safe to use and there is no noxious after smell of kerosene to wash off your hands.