Kindling Bags


Note: Kindling can only be purchased with your Log Order.

Best Logs Kindling contains high quality Kiln Dried Wood and is recycled from our own wood. Our Kindling firewood is dried to 12% (even drier than our logs) ensuring they light quickly and get your Kiln Dried logs burning.

Using our kiln dried kindling is far and away the quickest way to get your wood fire started. Usually 3 or 4  Kindling sticks is all you’ll need to start your fire. We also recommend you try our environmentally friendly Eco Firelighters made from 100% natural wood wool and wax.

Remember to always start your fire with the smaller logs.

*Please note: Kindling can only be bought with one of our other products.

This product CANNOT be shipped individually. Please add a Firewood product to your cart before adding this item or we will not be able to process your order. Thank You.

About Kindling Bags

Kindling Bags

The Kindling bags can be bought in quantities  of  5 , 10 or 20 bags when you order with our Kiln Dried logs.

Our Kindling is made from Kiln Dried Wood recycled from our own wood here in Ireland. Our Kindling is dried to less than 12% and are perfect for lighting fires and getting your Kiln Dried logs burning

Purchasing Kindling

Please note, Kindling can only be purchased when your order our Kiln Dried logs.

Storage Advice

Our Kindling should be stored indoors in dry storage. The Kindling is clean and can be stored beside your stove.

Looking for a Carbon Neutral Way to Heat your Home?

Burning wood logs is the ultimate carbon neutral way to heat your home. It leaves no dirty emissions polluting the environment and is a renewable resource coming from sustainable forests. Kiln Dried logs leave very little ash which once cooled can be added to your compost bin.