Heat Logs


Heat Logs  are made from 100% recycled materials to provide convenience that is environmentally friendly. They light quickly and easily and produce a great heat. Using the natural by-products of wood production: sawdust and wood shavings,  Heat Logs can be burned alone or with our kiln-dried logs to provide a beautiful flaming fire to keep you warm this winter.

Please note: Free delivery Dublin area only.


About Heat Logs

New! These convenient packs of Heat Logs are proving very popular amongst our customers. Burning with a beautiful high flame Heat Logs provide great heat and are very easy to use and store. If you are looking for fuel that is quick and convenient but also friendly to the environment then Heat Logs could be right for you. These 10Kg packs of hard wood briquettes of great value

Inside Our Heat Logs

Each Heat Log pack contains 5 high quality wood briquettes  ( 10kg).  Made from recycled hardwood sawdust and clean wood chippings that occur naturally during wood production, these are materials that would otherwise go into landfills. Sawdust and wood waste undergoes a drying process which significantly decreases the natural moisture content and the resulting dried material is then compressed to form wood briquettes. So, quick, handy fuel made from sustainable resources – enjoy the heat with a clear conscience!

Burning Heat Logs

Heat Logs are easy to use and are suitable for all stoves and fireplaces. The logs light quickly and easily and for best results we recommend you use our Kiln Dried Kindling  and Eco Firelighters to start your fire. Burn alone or in conjunction with our kiln-dried Ash logs.

*Please note: As Heat Logs burn, they expand so we recommend you use one at a time (unless your stove is very large). Place to the back of your stove, or hearth, and be very careful opening your stove door as the log may have expanded forward against the glass. Likewise if using in an open fireplace, keep an eye so it doesn’t push out over the grate.

Storage Advice

The packs can be delivered right to your front door and will stack neatly into your garage or shed. They can also be delivered through your house or by side passage to the rear of your property if required.

We recommend Heat Logs are stored indoors in a dry place or in your garden shed as moisture will seriously damage the logs.