Kiln Dried Heat Logs & Firewood

These Heat Logs Burn Hot With A Beautiful Flame

Kiln Dried Heat Logs & Firewood – Best For

Heat Logs  are made from 100% recycled materials to provide convenience that is environmentally friendly. They light quickly and easily and produce a great heat. Using the natural by-products of wood production: sawdust and wood shavings,  Heat Logs can be burned alone or with our kiln-dried logs to provide a beautiful flaming fire to keep you warm this winter. Free Delivery Dublin area.

Minimum order:   Quantity of 10 20 30 or 48 Bags

Heat Logs – Easy to Store

Heat Log

Kiln Dried Heat Logs

Heatlogs are made by using materials that would otherwise go into landfills. The heatlogs are made from recycled sawdust and clean wood waste using Hard and soft wood sawdust and wood chippings. .

Kiln Dried Heat Logs – General Info

Sawdust and wood waste undergoes a drying process which significantly decreases the natural moisture content. The resulting dried material is then compressed to form wood briquettes.

Heat Logs are easy and clean to handle and easy to store and are suitable for all stoves and fireplaces.

Heat logs are supplied on Pallets. 99 Bags, 50 Bags or 30 bags.

We recommend storing Heat logs in a dry space such as in your garage or shed or under. If you don’t have a suitable place to store bulk bags then we would recommend the Barrow Bags

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