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These Heat Logs Burn Hot With A Beautiful Flame

Kiln Dried Heat Logs & Firewood – Best For

Heat Logs  are made from 100% recycled materials to provide convenience that is environmentally friendly. They light quickly and easily and produce a great heat. Using the natural by-products of wood production: sawdust and wood shavings,  Heat Logs can be burned alone or with our kiln-dried logs to provide a beautiful flaming fire to keep you warm this winter. Free Delivery Dublin area.

Minimum order: Quantity of  20 or 40 Bags

Heat Logs BestLogs.ie
Heat Logs BestLogs.ie

Barrow Bags of Kiln Dried Logs – Sourced From Sustainable FSC Forests

Our entire range of Kiln dried logs are sourced from FSC certified forests and is sustainably produced. Our logs are harvested from efficiently managed forests. These logs are obtained as a natural by-product of the thinning process. This is essential to the conservation of the forest, as it ensures there is sufficient light and space for the remaining trees to thrive. The fuel used in the Kiln to dry the logs is the wood waste and debris from our forests. This wood is not suitable for our logs but can be used in our Kilns to dry the logs.  On a continuous cycle, felled trees are replaced and replanted, thereby preserving the woodland for future use. Our Kiln dried wood logs are therefore virtually carbon neutral.

Burning wood logs is the ultimate carbon neutral way to heat your home. It leaves no dirty emissions polluting the environment and is a renewable resource coming from sustainable forests. Kiln Dried logs leave very little ash which once cooled can be added to your compost bin.

Barrow Bags of Kiln Dried Logs – Oak & Ash

Bestlogs Supply a wide range of woods. At present Best logs have Oak and Ash.

OAK is an excellent source of heat and is the king of wood Oak wood will not spark and will provide a long slow burn. Oak is a denser and heavier wood. Oak is ideally suited for Wood burning stoves. Oak is strongly scented and offers a lovely woody aroma. All our logs are cut to approx 25cm and will fit into most stoves. All our Oak wood has a moisture content of less than 18%

ASH also provides great heat and warmth. Ash will not spark and provide great flame in your stove or open fire. Ash produces very little smoke and all the energy goes into providing heat. All our Ash logs have a moisture content of less than 18%.

Our Kiln Dried Logs offer up to 35% more calorific heat than seasoned firewood which means you get four times more burning time than you would with soft woods.


All in One Firewood Bundle

Everything you need for the perfect fire in one handy purchase.