Eco Firelighters

Box of Firelighters – Ideal for starting your fire

Firelighters – Best For Starting Your Fire

These Eco Firelighters contain high quality 100% natural materials. They are safe and clean to use with no chemical after smell on your hands. Made from wood wool and wax they provide the ideal environmentally-friendly alternative to solid fuel firelighters.

They light quickly and easily and for best results we recommend you start your fire using our Eco Firelighters in conjunction with our Kiln Dried Kindling.


Eco Firelighers – Environmentally Friendly

Our firelighters are made form wood shaving and natural wax which ensure there is no chemicals  involved. The are clean and fresh .

Our entire range of products  are sourced from FSC certified forests and is sustainably produced.

Burning wood logs is the ultimate carbon neutral way to heat your home. It leaves no dirty emissions polluting the environment and is a renewable resource coming from sustainable forests. Kiln Dried logs leave very little ash which once cooled can be added to your compost bin.

All in One Firewood Bundle

Everything you need for the perfect fire in one handy purchase.