Delivery Information

Please note delivery times depend on the time of year - we will give you a delivery date within 24 hours of ordering


Please Note – We Deliver to Dublin Area Only – Delivery is free in the Dublin area.

Delivery times vary between 2-21 days depending on the time of year. Our busiest months are October, November and December, and especially before Christmas. So give yourself plenty of time when placing your order for logs during these months in particular. We will give you a delivery date within 24 hours of ordering.

Best Logs Firewood Delivery Information

We are operating a Drop & Go service so are asking our customers to please nominate a place to drop their logs. We can deliver to the front of your house or please leave a side gate unlocked for rear garden access. Please advise what suits you best. If you live in a terraced house and absolutely need the logs to be brought through the house then please let us know and we will try to arrange that.

Delivery will be by a tail lift van.

If ordering the crate or bulk bags it is important to make sure that driveway is smooth for the delivery (i.e. not loose gravel or a steep incline). Also, please ensure that access is clear.

Crate of Kiln Dried Logs

If the ground is not smooth, then please consider our Barrow bags

The Barrow bags can be brought either through the house or at the side to the back should you wish. This ensures the logs are delivered to where you want them to be. There is no need to empty the barrow bags.