About BestLogs.ie

Bestlogs is a family business that is 100% Irish owned and managed. Our mission is to provide all our customers with the best quality wood logs at a great price with excellent service. Bestlogs believe kiln dried logs are the ultimate green way to heat your home, leaving no dirty emissions that pollute the environment. We believe this is the way of the future as we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

The No.1 Provider of Kiln Dried Wood Logs in Ireland.

About Best Logs

Kiln Dried Logs from Sustainable FSC Forests

Best Logs sell quality Kiln Dried Logs which have been sourced from sustainable FSC forests (Forest Stewardship Council). Unlike many other logs on the market, our logs have a moisture content of less than 20%. This means our logs light easily and burn with a bright clean flame unlike wet soggy logs that hiss and produce lots of smoke and soot. The low moisture content will prevent your wood burner from clouding up with soot and ensures that you can enjoy watching the flames through a screen without having to clean the glass frequently. Our firewood is also suitable for open fires.

Quality Wood & Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of our wood and the excellent service we offer to our clients. Please phone Martin on +353 83 192 0172 if you need further information or you can contact us directly through this website.

Buy Kiln Dried Wood Logs & Firewood With Free Delivery In Dublin!

What Our Customers Say About Us

At last quality logs that burn and with lots of heat… Really pleased with these logs and they look really good beside the stove.

Great Logs . Almost too nice to burn them, and also nice perfume when burning .

Just got my logs delivered right to the door literally. Am so pleased with the service! Have been using logs for the last five years and these are the best logs in terms of heat and price and delivery service.

Really impressed with the logs, they burn really well.