Time to Light that Fire

October 17, 2019

It’s that time of year again. Evenings are getting chilly and short. It’s one of the nicest ways to welcome in the new season – ordering in the kiln-dried wood for winter, getting the fire started all ready to settle in for a cosy evening. So, just some quick reminders on how best to light your stove using our kiln-dried wood logs. Reducing emissions is a big concern for everyone now and step one in this fight is to use kiln-dried wood. It’s the cleanest and most energy efficient fuel for your fire.

Steps to Lighting Your Stove Fire

First, take 6-8 sticks of kiln-dried kindling and place on the grate of your stove in a criss-cross pattern like jenga bricks. Our kindling is dried to 10% moisture even drier than our logs to ensure quick fire up and a clean burn. https://bestlogs.ie/shop/kindling-bags-large/

Next, place one Eco firelighter in the middle of the stack. Our firelighters are made from wood wool and wax and so are safe and clean to use with no chemical after smell on your hands. https://bestlogs.ie/shop/eco-firelighters/

Take 2-3 small logs and place in vertical wigwam stack over the kindling. Light the flamer and close the door. Some people advise leaving door slightly ajar but this can be a fire hazard as the logs can tip over and push the door open, so always close the door fully. A good stove will light without the door ajar. Use the air vents instead. Leave vents fully open until fire is established.

Once fire is established you can adjust the vents – closed when fully established but open again when adding a new log. We recommend letting the fire go to ember stage as that is where the real heat lies.