Norwegian Wood by Lars Mytting

April 26, 2017

I picked up this book when I was traveling last year and thought it would help me sleep. This book turned out to be a simple, elegant book about felling trees, stacking logs and the simple pleasures of burning wood.

Lars Mytting makes a convincing case for the superiority of wood compared to other forms of heating: “the glass doors of stoves radiate heat” he says, and the flames and glowing embers release electromagnetic, infrared radiation rather like sunlight, bringing “a feeling of wellbeing and security”. The intake of oxygen encourages air circulation and the stoves absorb dust. Add the smell of woodsmoke, and the hypnotic dance of the flames, and one understands “the primordial magic of the fireplace”. Something we actually need, he quips, really does grow on trees.

The book is full of facts as well as pleasant anecdotes about Norwegians and their involvement with wood. In Norway, 25% of energy used to heat private homes comes from wood, and half of that wood is chopped by private individuals. Also many Norwegians can judge a person by the way they stack their wood.

Back home we have delivered to hundreds of customers and they are all enthused about their stove. I have not met many people who do not like their stove.

For a good read check out this book

Norwegian wood available to order from The Book Depository.

Voted best Non Fiction 2016.