Log Storage Cabins

October 24, 2014

We have taken delivery of the new Log Storage cabins. These are proving to be a great way to store your Kiln dried logs.

We are using these cabins for storing our own logs. The handy feature of the cabins is they can be placed close to the house  so you can get to the logs without having to go down to the shed.

Log Storage Cabin

When you get your kiln dried logs it is important to keep them dry. It is also  important when storing your logs to allow the air to circulate through the cabins to keep the logs  fresh and avoid mould damage.

Large and small sized cabins

We have 2 sizes  the 1.4m high  and the larger 1.8m high.   The  smaller cabin would hold around 350 – 450 logs  while the the bigger  log cabin would hold about 600-700.

Guaranteed for 10 years.

These well  built  cabins  which are supplied with a 10 year warranty.  They are made with strong pressure treated frames which are clad in 1inch  (25mm) thick pressure treated timber. The floor of these  Log Storage Cabins are raised off ground which allows air to circulate.   The roof is 22mm pressure treated shiplap timber.


If you need to store your logs then we would recommend that you get one of these log storage cabins. Purchase from our shop Log Storage Cabins

Delivery is now included  free for all areas in Dublin.  If you are ordering, please specify if you would like pre assembled or assembled on site.