Storage Advice for your Firewood & Logs

September 14, 2014

The logs we provide have all been Kiln dried and have moisture content of less than 20%. They will burn well providing plenty of heat. Our Logs are free of any pesticides and are very clean, allowing you to store them indoors. If you are storing outside, then here is few suggestions.

Storage Advice for your Firewood & Logs

How to store your wood logs

  • Stack wood on level ground. Rows of wood will stay upright and remain sturdier when placed on level ground instead of tilted areas.
  • Raise the Logs a few centimetres of the ground either on a pallet or planks of wood.
  • Limit your stacks to no higher than (1.2 m) tall. Stacks taller than this become wobbly and unsteady. Rows of wood may fall over if stacked too high.
  • Put your stacks of wood a few centimetres away from walls and other stacks of wood to increase air flow to the wood. Allowing more space between stacks gives the wood more breathing room.
  • Position stacks close enough together that children or pets will be deterred from climbing between them or around them.
  • Cover your firewood with a cover or tarp, leaving the sides exposed to allow air to circulate to keep logs dried.
  • If you are storing your Logs in Shed or Garage, make sure it is well ventilated. Wood needs air to remain dry and avoid build up of mould.

Storage Advice for Your Firewood & Logs

Our Log Storage cabins are all that’s needed to stack the logs, keeping them dry, aired and tidy, providing safe storage for your kiln dried logs. The log storage cabins are constructed with a sloping roof to keep the rain off and slatted sides for good air circulation.